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ADDC stands for Australian Dental Dermal & Cosmetic. We are part of Australian Dentists and Doctors’ Clinics. ADDC Total Cosmetic Care is a newly opened sister clinic of ADDC Dental that has been providing dental services for thousands of patients in the last 25 years.

ADDC Total Cosmetic Care offers an extensive range of sophisticated cosmetic and dermal treatments. We focus on creating treatment packages that will give you an ultimate skin transformation.

From glowing skin to bright smiles, we’ve got you covered!

ADDC Total Cosmetic Care– The clinic you know you can trust!

Anti-Aging Treatments
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Our Technology

ADDC Total Cosmetic Care only uses the latest and most advanced technology in cosmetic dermal industry. All treatments and skin care range we use are scientifically based with real results!
We are the inventor of FGF Skin Rejuvenation, the pioneer of PRF treatment in Perth and a proud home of HydraFacial™, Fractora™ & Lumecca™.

Our Vision

Our aim is to make you look naturally beautiful. Our motto is “Looking good, feeling great, that is happiness”. We believe that skin health can give a huge impact on how people feel about themselves. We also know that one treatment alone is often not enough to transform our patients’ skin. That’s why we combine advanced treatments, skin care, diet and lifestyle in a unique way to meet individual’s skin goal. We look after your skin from the inside-out. We always push your skin ability to produce its own healthy skin cells. We want our patients to have strong, healthy and natural skin.
You will love your skin transformation journey with us.
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