Waxing is a safe and effective semi-permanent hair removal procedure that generally lasts four to six weeks. It is effective by removing the hair directly from the root, leaving the skin hair-free and smooth. It is a more effective hair removal solution than shaving, and is great for areas of coarse, darker hair that tends to be more stubborn.

Waxing can be done on any part of the body, including the face, underarms, arms, chest, back and legs. We offer waxing hair removal for both males and females, of all ages and sizes.

At ADDC Total Cosmetic Care, we only use the best products on our clients. We have extensively researched and tested various cleansers, waxes, soothing creams and finishing lotions in order to give you the most safe, hygienic, and painless experience possible.

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Waxing FAQs

Waxing hair removal is done best on clean skin without any oil or residue, therefore we ask you to please not use any moisturiser on the area you are getting waxed. Similarly, if you apply tanning lotions, or get spray tans, we ask you to please schedule your waxing appointment 24-48 hours before applying any tan.

In order for the wax to be able to effectively grip the hair, we recommend that the hair be at least half a centimetre long before coming in for your treatment.

If your skin area is open, irritated, infected, sunburnt or too dry, waxing should not be performed. If you have any questions or concerns, or feel as though you need professional advice on the suitability of waxing for your individual circumstances, come in for a free consultation and skin assessment.

Exfoliating your selected area 36-48 hours before your waxing treatment will leave you with an ultra smooth finish, without risking inflammation. In the days leading up to your appointment, it is recommended you keep your skin moisturised- however do not apply any moisturiser or lotion on the day of treatment as this will interfere with the wax.

Naturally, this depends on the tolerance of individuals. At ADDC Total Cosmetic Care, we are committed to making all treatments as comfortable as possible. If you are feeling extra anxious and are prone to pain sensitivity, you can take over-the-counter pain relief 30 minutes prior to treatment.

It is expected for your skin to feel sensitive and to be slightly red after waxing. For up to two weeks after you will have soft and smooth skin. After this period you will notice regrowth, however the hairs will be softer an lighter then before.