Threading is an ancient method originating in the Middle East and South Asia. The technique is long lasting and effective and involves using a thin piece of cotton thread and swiping it quickly against the skin to remove hair at the root without taking any skin along.

Threading is a precise and accurate way to shape your brows as a row of hairs are removed at a time leaving a defined shape. Threading is not just for eyebrows; it can be used as an effective hair removal method for other areas of the face. It is a natural method that is suitable for all skin and hair types.


What are the benefits of threading?

Threading is much quicker and less painful then waxing or tweezing and no heat or chemicals are used. Hair usually grows back finer and as hairs are removed from the root the chances of ingrown hairs is lesser.

What is the benefit of threading over waxing?

Threading has minimal to no contact with the skin unlike waxing that tugs at the skin when removed. Threading is gentler and will not leave the skin irritated.

Will threading leave my skin red?

Threading does not irritate the skin but some people may see some redness after threading. This should disappear within 30 minutes of your treatment.

How often will I need threading?

This will vary between each individual as it depends on the growth rate of your hair. We usually recommend appointments to be 3-4 weeks apart.


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