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IPL Permanent Hair Removal

Using the latest technology of intense pulsed light (IPL), our clinic proudly delivers the fastest and painless permanent hair reduction treatment.

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IPL Permanent Hair Removal FAQs

  • The light from IPL is transformed to heat and targets the hair shaft.
  • Heat radiates from hair shaft to surrounding hair producing cells, causing death of these cells.
  • The hair follicle is unable to grow a hair, or produces a slow growing hair, lighter in colour and small in diameter.
  • It is important to note that IPL and laser does not remove all hair in just one session! This is because of hair has 3 growing phases (anagen, catagen, telogen) and only hair in anagen phase will respond to the treatment.
  • Multiple sessions are required because at any given time, a certain percentage of hair will be in anagen, telogen and catagen phase.

A goggle will be given to protect your eyes from bright flash of light emitted from the IPL handpiece. During the procedure, IPL gel will be applied on the treatment areas, then the handpiece will be gently placed on the skin. The handpiece will be moved around until all the areas are treated.

  • Upper Lip : $30
  • Upper Lip & Chin : $50
  • Full Face : $75
  • Underarms : $50
  • Half Arms (Upper or Lower) : $80
  • Full Arms : $120
  • Bikini : $60
  • Brazilian : $80
  • Half Legs (Upper or Lower) : $90
  • Full Legs : $150
  • Full Back with Shoulder : $120

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction Pricing

[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Upper Lip” price=”$30″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Chin” price=”$30″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Upper Lip & Chin” price=”$50″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Full Face” price=”$70″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Underarms” price=”$50″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Half Arms” price=”$80″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Full Arms” price=”$120″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Upper Back / Lower Back” price=”$90″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Full Back with Shoulder” price=”$120″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Chest/Stomach” price=”$90″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Half Legs” price=”$90″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Full Legs” price=”$150″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Bikini & Underarms” price=”$80″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Bikini” price=”$60″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Brazillian & Underarms” price=”$90″][/wdc_pricing_box]
[wdc_pricing_box featured=”yes” title=”Brazilian” price=”$80″][/wdc_pricing_box]